Middle East

Bring your history books to life when you visit the Middle East. This region is known for being the cradle of civilization and is both beautiful, as it is complex.  Come and explore Jerusalem – which is a cherished city by the three Abrahamic faith – Judaism, Christianity and Islam. Here you can literally follow the footsteps of prophets’ and look on a view that they once shared as they embarked on their fascinating lives. From the flagstones of old Roman roads to the building blocks of Ancient Egypt, and the delicately carved tombs and temples from Petra to Baalbek – there is so much history at each turn. As well as its rich religious charms, you can also enjoy the secular delights of bartering in bazaars and relaxing in coffee shops. But it isn’t all ancient monuments, and narrow winding lane. You can enjoy the glitzy and glamour of city life by jetting off to Dubai and the United Arab Emirates. Be awe inspired by its iconic skyscrapers, palm-shaped islands, city-sized malls, indoor ski slopes and palatial beach resorts.

Beyond the city limits, the Middle East is a land of mighty rivers such as the Nile, and Euphrates, even mightier deserts such as the Sahara and peerless Wadi Rum and green landscapes of exceptional beauty.  You too can explore these wilderness areas – from snow-capped summits in Turkey, Iran and Lebanon to the kaleidoscopic waters of the Red Sea. One thing that is certain is that a trip to the Middle East will leave it’s mark on you.

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