We specialise in heritage tours that trace the footsteps of past prophets and can book a once-in-a-lifetime trip through the holy land of Jerusalem, Jordan and Palestine. Just imagine the awe-inspiring feeling of witnessing where Prophet Isa was born or visiting the graves of Prophets Musa and Ibrahim. You can even see the famous Dome of Rock, which is the spot where the Prophet Mohammed ascended to heaven. That is not all, you can also wander through landmarks, which you have only read in history books and even pray at iconic mosques including Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem or Jame Mosque in Iran.

If you want to discover how Islamic architecture has shape cities and villages across the world, then we have a host of packages that trace Islamic influences from Spain, to Turkey, through to Bosnia, Uzbekistan and even China.

You can truly tailor-make your own itinerary as we pride ourselves on offering our customers choice. This means we can arrange a guide, who speaks your language, to show you around the sights of whichever destination you choose. From fully escorted and semi escorted trips to holidays where you can roam around as you wish.