Exploring Asia is akin to travelling through a kaleidoscope. It will dazzle you –  from the multi-coloured bazaars of India, to the white snow-capped mountains of Nepal, red-toned Mughal monuments in Pakistan, bright neon billboards across Japan and lush green forests of China. Asia truly is a continent full of intrigue, adventure, and spirituality which has attracted travellers for centuries. When it comes to its landscape – Asia will take you to new heights from the majestic Himalaya mountains, to the epic Mekong River and wildlife infested jungle.  Virtually every climate on the globe is represented here – so whether you’re looking for sun, snow or monsoon rain – you will not be disappointed. And when it comes to wildlife, then prepare to be amazed as you go on safaris to spot mighty elephants, fierce tigers and cuddly pandas.

If you want to travel back in time and uncover ancient civilisations, then come and walk along the Great Wall of China, explore the temples of Angkor or lesser-known marvels in Myanmar, Nepal and Afghanistan. Then discover the majestic Mughal empire – from the Taj Mahal in India to Lahore Fort in Pakistan.

As well its rich history and culture, you will also find gleaming skyscrapers, fast trains, and shiny smartphones across China, South Korea, and Japan to name a few. This modernity can make for some special travel experiences. There aren’t many places on this Earth where you can watch rice paddies flash by from a high-speed train, or go to a robot cabaret show. All this exploring will mean you are bound to work up an appetite. And when you do, meal times will be a treat.  It doesn’t matter if you’re using forks, fingers or chopsticks –  there is no greater place to eat than Asia. In fact, this continent has exported its cuisines to the world from India’s red hot spices, Pakistan’s meaty curries, China’s juicy dumplings, Vietnam’s steaming bowls of pho soup and Thailand’s pad Thai noodles.


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